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Do you offer discounts?

No, sorry!

Pricing is based on the amount of time it takes to take care of your baby, and is factored to include supplies, vehicle maintenance, and other costs.

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Why does my pet have to be current on vaccines?


Even though your pet may go outside only rarely, your pet still needs to have whatever vaccines are recommended by your vet. This is for our safety as well as your pet\’s – most states require that certain vaccines be administered on a regular basis, and in the rare case of an accident or bite, that information will be necessary to take care of either the groomer or your pet.

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Why is your pricing so high?

My regular groomer is much cheaper! There are many reasons our prices are what they are.

Mobile groomers are more expensive than a stationary grooming shop – we come to you, and run all of the equipment in our van off of a generator. We take less appointments than a regular groomer, and have travel time between appointments. The grooming van itself, while it is a small space, is also expensive to maintain – just like your car, it needs regular maintenance, as does all of the other equipment we carry inside the van itself. We try to keep our prices as low as possible, but they will always be higher than your regular groomer.

Our prices are also all-inclusive – many of the things that you get at another grooming salon cost extra. Nail grinding, toothbrushing, shampoo and conditioner are including in our pricing, but are often an additional cost at a store front grooming salon.

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